Code of Ethics

By undertaking Jeet Kune Do instruction with New England Jeet Kune Do, you agree to meet the following expectations:

Be respectful of the Sifu, your fellow students, and the knowledge being imparted.

  • Keep all appointments. Inform Sifu of cancellations/changes at least 24 hours ahead of time. Pay all fees on time.

  • Keep Sifu and your fellow students informed of any injury or medical condition that may interfere with safe training.

  • Maintain an empty cup, and keep learning.

  • Good form is essential to good technique. There is a time to get it right, and a time to experiment and individualize.

Train seriously and responsibly.

  • Be courteous towards fellow students.

  • Train and spar in earnest.

  • When sparring, you and your opponent accept risks in order to further your development. You must wear the safety equipment required.

  • Recklessness in sparring will not be tolerated.

Use your skills responsibly.

  • Do not misuse your skills to harm others.

  • In combat sports competitions, obey all rules.

  • On the street, obey all local laws.

  • Be respectful of other martial artists, schools, and styles. We are bearers of the same ancient endeavor that is martial arts.

  • Do not teach without the Sifuís permission.
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