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My friend Tommy Gong
and I standing with three original students and
friends of Bruce Lee

With Linda Lee

With Taky Kimura

A wonderful training
session with Bob Bremmer

After Steve Golden's fantastic Trapping session

Worked up a good sweat in Tim Tackett's session

Standing with Dan Lee
after a great JKD session

George Lee and I standing below four JKD signs that I designed and printed for a JKD school

My friend Vince Raimondi and I holding one of Bruce Lee's actual workout shirts

Reference point trapping with Vince Raimondi

Tommy Gong and I working on trapping at a church

The JKD guys from
New Jersey and Canada

Full contact champion Joe Lewis in a vice grip hand shake with me

Joe Lewis demonstrating
the Gung Fu thumb maneuver

Taky Kimura, my brother, and I at the Lake View Cemetery in Seattle, WA paying our respects to Bruce and Brandon Lee

Taky Kimura sharing some of his personal memories
of Bruce Lee with me
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