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Pressure Testing:
Sparring With Heaving Gear And Light Gear

Kicking And Punching Combinations

Double Kicks

Evasion Drills

Jumping Stomp Kick

Jumping Side Kick

Percentage Of Power
(Pressure Testing)

More Feed Punching Drills

Transition Footwork
(Forward, Back, Left, Right)

Kicks Counters For Defense

Engagement To A Strike

Mirror Footwork Training

Double Leg Take Down Technique

More On The Five Ways
Of Attack

Dividing The Mind

Recap Of The On Guard Stance, Footwork, And
Training Drills

Drawing An Opponent
Into A Trap

The Importance Of Stretching

A More In Depth View Of Stretching

Trapping And Kicking Techniques

More Focus On Kicking Techniques
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