A seminar is an invaluable opportunity for you to receive martial arts instruction in a small-group format, to meet your specific needs. Our standard seminars are listed below. We can also put together a customized seminar for your group.
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Anti-Bullying Strategies | Self-Defense for Women
Self-Defense for the Mild-Mannered Citizen
Mobility and Strikes for the Competitive Fighter | Jeet Kune Do Seminars

1) ANTI-BULLYING STRATEGIES (age 9 and below)

    This seminar is designed to ‘bully-proof’ a child, whether
    the child is a current victim or merely at risk.

Suitable for

Children under age 9

Your Challenge

Bullying behavior is the dark
side of children’s learned
social behavior.

• The bullying child has not
   learned how to respect
   his/her peers and to use
   his strength responsibly.

• The bullied child needs to
   learn to behave assertively,
   overcome the ‘victim’
   mentality, and defend
   himself/herself with
   minimal force.

Content in Brief

Strategies to help children with the following situations:

• How to prevent bullying
   with a confident attitude

• Overcoming bullying

• Helping other victims
   of bullying


    Women face particular risks in the modern urban
    environment. Ladies, this is for you. Gentlemen,
    this is for your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives,
    and daughters.

Suitable for

All women (teenagers and adults)

Your Challenge

Both the opportunistic street mugger and cruel, deliberate assailant would rather target a woman than a man. Forewarned is forearmed.

• As a woman, you want
   self-defense skills you can
   learn quickly. You don’t
   have years to spare for
   conditioning and training.

• You also want skills you
   can apply easily when
   surprised. You want to
   survive a violent encounter.

Content in Brief

• Situational awareness

• Attack prevention

• Self-defense against
   sexual assault and
   domestic abuse

• Self-defense against

• Self-defense against


    Not everyone is a trained fighter, martial artist, or athlete.
    Regardless of your level of physical fitness, you have every
    right to know how to defend yourself effectively!

Suitable for

All men and women (teenagers and adults), especially those without a martial arts background.

Your Challenge

A confrontation can happen anywhere unexpectedly.

• You want self-defense skills
   you can learn quickly. You
   don’t have the patience to
   learn pretty moves.

• You also want skills you can
   apply easily if a violent
   encounter erupts without

Content in Brief

• Situational awareness

• Attack prevention

• Self-defense against

• Self-defense against


    You want to go the distance. You want to get really
    technical about your footwork, punching, and kicking
    techniques. We invite you to meet us.

Suitable for

Competitive athletes in martial arts tournaments (e.g. MMA, taekwondo, karate)

Your Challenge

You want tailored, quality coaching to enhance your
stand-up striking skills, using
Jeet Kune Do principles of directness and simplicity.

• You do not want to do major
   unlearning and relearning.

• You want sound, technical
   advice on your strikes and
   footwork, to improve your
   performance before the
   fight gets to the ground.

Content in Brief

Training in:

• Footwork and mobility

• Biomechanically efficient
   punches and kicks

• Broken rhythm

• Command of


    These specialized seminars are offered only for current
    NEJKD students to improve skill level and knowledge.


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