Head Instructor (Sifu Sean R. Glynn)

     Sifu Sean R. Glynn is a dedicated martial artist and teacher with more than 32 years of experience in Jeet Kune Do. He is certified under Ted Wong, the protťgť and close friend of Jeet Kune Doís founder Bruce Lee.

     Sifu Glynn is fiercely dedicated to practicing and perpetuating Jeet Kune Do as the founder did. He combines a puristís attention to fundamentals; an artistís appreciation of personal freedom; and a teacherís caring yet no-nonsense focus on every studentís development. Hundreds of students have benefited from his guidance, walking on with enhanced confidence, determination, and self-mastery.

     Sifu Glynnís life has been one of deep connection with martial arts and the East. He was born in the Year of the Tiger in Istanbul, Turkey where his father served his US Navy tour. He received early training in both Jeet Kune Do and classical Gung Fu in his teens. His Jeet Kune Do skills have reached a new level of maturity since he began training with Ted Wong in 1993.

     Sifu Glynn has been teaching Jeet Kune Do for over 13 years, to students from all walks of life. It is his personal mission to continue sharing this unique martial arts approach with his very best effort.

Instructor (Sifu Lu-Fong Chua)

     Hailing from Singapore, Lu-Fong is a versatile athlete, with prior experience in judo (blue belt), kayak racing (high school captain), distance running (marathon age-group bronze medalist at age 21), and strength training (with an unusual ability to his credit).

     He is a young instructor who enjoys Jeet Kune Do for its unadorned efficiency and philosophical richness, and appreciates a good conversation about martial arts history as much as he does a great training session.

     Lu-Fong has been certified as an instructor under New England Jeet Kune Do since 2011. Currently living in upstate New York (Corning/Painted Post), he looks forward to sharing his knowledge with prospective students and partners.

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