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NEJKD student develops strength from JKD conditioning

Welcome to the
New England Jeet Kune Do
YouTube Channel

On-Guard Stance

Push Step & Back Step

Left & Right Side Step

3 Pillars of Physical Fitness

Straight Hand Lead Punch

Quick Advance, Quick Retreat
& Circle Step

Lead Punch with Footwork

Foot sparring, plus a multitude of other techniques

Sifu Sean's "ISH" System
(Identify Separate Hesitate)

4 Year Old Girl Learns
Self Defense

The Art of Breaking Boards

The Importance of Repetition

Critical Zone of Combat

Reference Point, Four Corners, Plus Other Techniques

Warmups Before Training

Footwork Training Drills

Stop Hit, Stop Kick

Lead & Rear Hand Parry

Double Backfist, Shovel Punch, Uppercut, etc...
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