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Is Jeet Kune Do better than other arts I have trained in?

Every martial arts style has its unique strengths tailored to its historical circumstances and its goals.

Each style is shaped by its leading thinkers and personalities, and adapted for different combat conditions: with/without specialized clothing or armor, with/without weapons, against single/multiple attackers, preference for certain physical or mental attributes, emphasizing non-lethal versus lethal techniques structored for sports competition versus deadly combat versus attainment of inner peace – the number of variables is huge.

JKD has unique strengths, in its speed, fluidity, efficiency, effectiveness, and holistic view of combat. After all, it was developed principally for street fighting, by a founder who studied almost 3,000 books on martial arts, combat, and philosophy to arrive at JKD’s contemporary form.

When you join us at NEJKD, we will build upon your past experience to enhance your effectiveness as a fighter. We encourage you to ‘empty your cup’ to maximize your learning, so that JKD becomes an enhancement to your entire skills portfolio. We welcome your knowledge, as part of an ongoing great conversation between martial artists dedicated to personal excellence.

Jeet Kune Do is taught differently by different schools and instructors today. What is NEJKD’s lineage and curriculum?

JKD is a dynamic art, and the founder’s teaching style and emphasis evolved during his lifetime as well.

The head instructor of NEJKD, Sifu Sean R. Glynn, is certified by Ted Wong who was the founder’s protégé during the final six years of Lee’s life. Sifu Glynn has also trained with many of the founder’s original students (Jesse Glover, Taky Kimura, Steven Golden, Dan Lee, and Bob Bremmer).

As a school, NEJKD is dedicated to teaching Jeet Kune Do as taught by the founder – with a solid body of technical fundamentals across all the ranges of combat, to small groups of students. We are committed to a special heritage, and strive to provide students with safe, realistic training that prepares you well for the street, the ring, or the challenges of daily life.

I compete in MMA competitions. Can JKD training help me?

Yes, it can. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White called Bruce Lee the “father of mixed martial arts” because of his multidisciplinary approach to fighting. JKD covers all four ranges of combat – punching, kicking, trapping, and grappling – and can improve your repertoire of technique.

At NEJKD, we strongly believe that one technique mastered is better than a thousand learned. We can work together to achieve your specific training goals.
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