New England Jeet Kune Do (NEJKD), located in Stoneham, Massachusetts, is a school dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of Jeet Kune Do, as taught by Sijo Bruce Lee and preserved by Sifu Ted Wong. It is borne of Sifu Sean R. Glynn’s lifelong passion for martial arts and its wonderful, timeless traditions.

     The school stands for the timeless ideals of good martial arts teaching: positive attitude, toughness, personal discipline, mutual respect, ethical conduct, and dedication to excellence.

     We welcome students of all levels and backgrounds – regardless of age, gender, physical condition, and previous martial arts background. Students come to martial arts with a variety of motivations, and we are truly excited to share the technical and philosophical richness that is Jeet Kune Do. For over a decade, we have always kept our teaching groups small, to ensure safe and quality instruction.

     As an NEJKD student, you will be connected to a special history and lineage, and learn a distinctive fighting art that is taught by few qualified instructors anywhere in the world. We invite you to share this journey with us.

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