Ted Wong

     Sifu Ted Wong is widely regarded as Sijo Bruce Lee’s protégé, training privately with unsurpassed frequency with the founder from 1967 till the latter’s passing in 1973.

     Wong was the founder’s pictured partner in Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method; co-producer of the Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method training videos; co-author of Wing Chun Kung Fu / Jeet Kune Do: A Comparison; and Black Belt magazine’s Man of the Year in 2006. With no other martial arts training apart from Jeet Kune Do, Wong is known as a steadfast purist, dedicated to the most precise interpretation of Jeet Kune Do as the founder practiced and personally imparted.

     Since the founder’s passing in 1973, Wong spent many years in private training, perfecting and honing the skills imparted by his teacher and close friend, as well as meticulously retracing the path of the founder’s research. When Wong re-emerged in the early 1990s to teach Jeet Kune Do publicly, many martial artists gained a renewed understanding of Jeet Kune Do’s principles and possibilities.

     A quiet, unassuming man, Wong spoke volumes with his actions and abilities. His unsurpassed technical precision was legend amongst his students. As the essence of fighting is mobility, he was a master of stance, structure and footwork. He was an elusive sparring partner, and students observed footwork that “looked like Ted was gliding on ice”. In a memorable demonstration of dexterity, he once bridged the ‘fighting measure’ with a burst and closed a student’s eyelids with his own fingers.

     New England Jeet Kune Do is privileged to be part of the Ted Wong lineage. With his recent passing in November 2010, we miss him and are dedicated to honoring his legacy.

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